everything we know about an ambitious electric car inspired by the legendary Mustang

Ford takes the easy thing, very quietly, to forcibly enter the electric car market. But this seeming “calm” does not mean that they cannot give clues about what is coming, and that they have been flirting for more than a year with the thought that we will see an electric car inspired by the iconic Mustang , the world’s best-selling sports car.

Ford plans in the field of electrical engineering consider 40 electrified models until 2022, including 16 will be completely electric , Ford will invest $ 11,000 million for this, in addition to delegating all its responsibility to Edison’s team, a team of professionals who have complete freedom in electric cars.

The first of this new electric trash would be this electric car, inspired by the Mustang, for which we do not yet have an official name, but some details are revealed. For this reason, today we will look at everything that we know about what we still call the “Ford Mach-E” ,

Electric SUVs will hit the market in the next three years.
American icon, the edge of the new electricity market
This was in January 2018, when Ford launched a special advertisement that did not report anything, except hints at plans for the Michigan company. In this video, he showed how the Mustang and explorer entered the old building with this air in Detroit, then appeared with a lightning under a kind of logo with the text “Mach 1”, which we made clear that Ford is working on a mixture of Mustang with an SUV It would also be electric ,

Although the idea seemed good, the builder fans hated the idea that this electric vehicle, which will also be an SUV, is called “Mach 1” because this name must belong to the most powerful and most important car in the world. New Ford electric vision. I mean, they thought that the Mach 1 should be a muscle car or a sports car, something more harmonious with the 1970s Ford Mustang legacy.

In September 2018, Ford returns to the scene and shows us a sketch of the back of this new electric car, where he confirms that he will be an “inspired Mustang” SUV and who will arrive in 2020 ,

Ford Mustang Electrico Mach E 2
From the image we can distinguish the familiar fall of the roof and rear lights, arranged in a configuration of three vertical lines on each side. there is, the Mustang will serve as a base, but it will not be the Mustang which led us to an amazing strategy that seemed to be using the name of the legendary car, synonymous with the consumption of electricity and gasoline for many years.

The idea is that when Ford launches this car in 2020, it seeks to compete directly with options that are already preparing to enter the market, such as Mercedes-Benz EQC, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I. – Pace, BMW iX3 and of course, the Tesla Y model.

In an interview with James Hackett, CEO of Ford, he published some additional information about this electric SUV. The manager confirmed that he will have a range of 480 kilometers; he will be manufactured at one of the plants in Mexico and will launch a new infotainment system with a large touch screen in the center of the picture.

In October 2018, Ford begins its strange campaign, which plans to work on an “electric Mustang” that will not be a Mustang. Therefore, they decided to launch a new advertisement with Brian Cranston, where they talk about the future and show us for the first time the front of the car with the distinctive pony car logo ,

The famous Mustang logo appeared for the first time, but now in blue, which clearly indicates that the next electric car maker will wear this logo on the “grill”.

On March 15, 2019, just at the time of the Tesla Model Y announcement, Ford took advantage of the media noise to launch a tweet, where he showed details. The Mustang logo on this electric blue is what we saw in the October ad. The logo was accompanied by the inscription “Hold the horses” with reference to the announcement of Ilona Mask and the main sign of the Mustang.

According to some rumors, this “Mustang SUV” will be presented at the New York exhibition, but in the end everything was not so, so now everything points to the lobby in Los Angeles next November ,

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