How to record voice calls, WhatsApp and Skype on Android and iPhone

There are times when we need to record a voice call , perhaps out of curiosity, to remind us of an important or touching call that we are going to make, or because we want to have evidence of harassment, threats, work abuse, etc. That’s why going to explain how to record voice calls, whatsapp and skype on android and iphone.

It is important to know that legally we can record voice calls only if we participate and do not use them illegally. How can you spread a private conversation. Only in cases of harassment, threats, etc., the above would be justified, although the judge will later decide whether this test is valid. But it can be used for filing a complaint or protection.

Record a voice call. This is not easy, precisely because of a privacy issue. Most applications do not allow this, and with Android 9 Pie, Google made everything much more difficult. There is no choice but to use specialized third-party applications, and they will not always work. But there is no alternative, except for the owner: take the microphone and attach as much as possible to the microphone and the speaker when you speak.

In this tutorial we will explain how to record voice calls, WhatsApp and Skype on Android and iPhone , there are several methods, some easier than others. Just take a test to see if it works.

Keep in mind that Some mobile phones cannot record calls via VoIP . This is a hardware issue, so you can’t do anything but resort to conventional methods, such as using an external microphone.

Record normal voice calls
We will start trying to record classical voice calls, that is, those that we make through the Phone Calls application.

Neither iOS nor Android can be made with the official application, so we must use external applications.

Call Recording on Android
On Android, there are many applications that record calls. However, you should keep in mind that over the past few months Google has been publishing a new strategy that does not allow these applications to identify the call number or apply filters for incoming and outgoing calls. This means that they still work, but they do not identify or filter calls , you will need to record all of them, and then listen to the sound to find out which call it refers to.

Similarly, Google has imposed restrictions on the recording of calls on Android 9 Pie. Many recording applications do not work on Android 9 Pie or simply record your voice.

The two most popular recording applications are Call Recorder and Call Recording – ACR. Download them by link or directly through Google Play. There are free and paid versions. The free service is ideal if you only want to record calls, and the payment offers another option, such as filtering or deleting your contacts or removing background noise.

We run the application, accept permissions (there are many of them, but there is no other complicated application related to calls), and we mark call recording in the application.

When we receive or make a call, the registration panel appears and we will see how it is saved. It will be saved as an MP3 audio file in the Inbox or Mobile Downloads folder.

In the options menu of the application, we can select the folder in which we want to store these records.

Paid versions allow you to save them in the cloud service.

Call Recording on iOS
As is usually the case, recording voice calls on an iPhone is more difficult than Android.

In some versions of iOS (not all), voice mail tricks can be used.

What you need to do is add your phone number to the calendar. When the call you want to save is completed, click the icon. Add a call and we select our number on the agenda. After touching the Merge call icon , From now on, everything we are talking about will be recorded in our voice mail box. Just call your voicemail to listen to the recording or save it as evidence.

The only drawback is that for the seconds that we spend while we add the call, until we have combined it, the caller will remain in standby mode. But you can pretend that we received another call.

As we say, it does not always work, but you don’t lose anything trying to call a family member or someone who wants to help you.

If you need to record voice calls from the iPhone As a legal proof of the threat, fraud, harassment, etc. You can use the application Burovoz.

This service only returns the call to the Burovoz number and registers it, certifying the source, telephone number, etc. So this serves as a legal check in the legal process.

The only problem is that if we make a call, the recipient sees the Burovoz phone number (this is not a problem if you do not know our number). But you can do it using our province prefix.

The application is free, but the cost of the call is per minute.

TapeACall Pro is another well-known but paid application.

Record voice calls with WhatsApp
WhatsApp added the ability to make calls over the Internet (VoIP) a few years ago. The sound quality is not very good, but it meets the requirements and the calls are free.

Save WhatsApp calls on Android
As in the case of regular calls, it is impossible to save calls from WhatsApp directly from the application itself. We must use a third-party application. In this case, we will use the Cube ACR. It’s free and works pretty well.

Install the application and enable permissions. Some of them are needed, such as access to a microphone and calls, and other additional functions, such as geolocation calls or access to your contacts (to identify them when you are on the phone). they call).

The application will check your mobile phone and inform you that it may not be suitable for recording calls via VoIP. As he told us from Moto G. However, it is possible to record them, although this may give some disadvantages. In the application, press the menu with three vertical lines active Enable Recording and Touch Registration , In the VoIP section, you will see the option Ignore Compatibility Check , enable it to record whatsApp calls if the launch check shows that you are not qualified:

To record calls, return to the menu of three vertical lines and click Enable Recording if you have not done so. If you click on registration , you will have access to some configuration parameters, for example, to improve the recording quality (conversations will be clearer).

When you call or receive a call in WhatsApp, a registration icon appears on the screen. Click to start recording:

Recording function
If the applications that record directly do not work, there is a second option: use the application to record , This is an application that records everything that happens on the screen of your mobile phone in the video. You can record a call as if it were a voice recorder. It will not sound as good as a live recording, and you will hear background noise, but it can be useful.

First you need to download an application to record the screen. Make sure you record audio. There are many, for example, Rec (Screen Recorder or REC: Screen Recorder, Video Editor & Screenshot.) For our tests, we used this:

Simply start the recording application and, when you receive a call or before the call, press the Save button. Leave your hands free so that the conversation can be heard through the speakers of the mobile phone and increase the volume to the maximum. The video that appears on the screen (if it exists) and the sound will be recorded.

Record WhatsApp calls on iOS
As in the case of Android, the WhatsApp app on iOS also does not allow recording calls. As a result, you need to use third-party applications, but in iOS there are fewer and most of them are paid.

You can try Call Recorder Pro or ACR Call Recorder. During a conversation, a panel appears with a record button to start recording. They can also be programmed to record all calls.

Save the screen in iOS 11
iOS 11 includes a new screen recording feature that allows you to save image and sound applications. In some versions of WhatsApp you can save the call, while in others the only option is to try to check if it works for you.

Introduces the settings and Control Center , click on the option Configure controls search Record screen in the section More Controls , and then click the + button to appear in the interior include ,

After that, the screen recording icon appears between the labels of the Control Center. Now that you have direct access to the New feature to save the screen in iOS 11 , expand the Control Center by sliding your finger up and clicking on the icon in the lower left corner, which has the shape of a circle. When recording starts, be sure to touch the microphone icon so that the sound is also recorded.

Record voice calls on Skype
Skype is one of the most popular applications for phone calls or video conferencing. It has a free version and works both via the Internet and when calling ordinary telephone numbers. Even fixed.

Skype is one of the few applications of this kind that allows official recording of calls and video conferencing from the application itself. However, you must remember that when you activate the recording, other participants in the call / video conference receive a notification that they are being recorded. This is not used to record calls from stalkers, scammers, etc., but for funny recordings of friends, family memories, travels, jokes, and so on.

Record calls via Skype on Android, iOS and PC
The official feature works the same in all versions, so we grouped them together. Please note that this is only possible in Skype 8, it is not available in earlier versions.

Launch Skype on your mobile phone or PC and set up a call or video conference. If you do not know how

The operation is very simple. Just press the + (plus) button during a call. You will see a button with a circle that says “Start recording”. Click to start recording. A warning message will be displayed on the screen of all participants.

Calls are saved in your chat for 30 days and then disappear. But you can save them as an audio file where you want before they are deleted.

If you need to record Skype calls without another person finding it, you should use a third-party application, such as Call Recorder or ACR Cube Call Recording , which allows you to register via Skype:

During a conversation, a panel appears with a record button to start recording. They can also be programmed to record all calls.

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