WhatsApp: new features for 2019

Since the beginning of the year, and then at F8, the company’s annual developer conference, a gradual integration between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram is confirmed, what its owner calls the “Facebook Application Family”.

Following the plans of Mark Zuckerberg, rather controversial for some regulatory bodies in Europe, it is expected that this year you will have the opportunity to share your WhatsApp status in your stories messenger It is also expected that the message encryption system (point-to-point encryption), which handles WhatsApp, will reach the discussion of other applications.

The state sharing feature, or, conversely, history in one state, will allow you to transfer these temporary publications, which disappear within 24 hours, into several applications with one click of the mouse.

WhatsApp Payments

Another announcement, confirmed by the company during F8, was the launch of WhatsApp payments in some countries this year. After a pilot project in India, one of the countries with the most WhatsApp users, Cat money transfer will become a reality in India and the UK. According to WhatsApp beta filtering, it will also appear in Mexico and Brazil. During the presentation, Zuckerberg at F8 emphasized a feature explaining that “sending money should be as simple as sending a photo.”

Initially, the function allows transactions between individuals, but it is possible that it is associated with the commercial version of WhatsApp Business.


Although it may take a little longer, whether it is the end of 2019 or more likely in 2020, the announcement of the appearance of popular advertising in the application was also confirmed by the founder from facebook. The ad will reach the “states” of the application in the same way as it works in Instagram stories.

However, at the Facebook Marketing Summit held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in May, the company also presented another source of income through the use of the WhatsApp Business tool of the company. In corporate mode, companies will have two options for communication with users: conversations initiated by free customers, or messages that can be sent by the company at any time and have a cost .

Calls for whatsapp web

Regular leaks in beta versions of WhatsApp have also announced the possibility of receiving calls to the WhatsApp option for use on a desktop computer. The option should appear in the main chat menu. To make a call, you need to open the chat window, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner to clear the discussion or turn off the messages.

Privacy options in groups

Another leak says new options for groups in WhatsApp. It is expected that configuration elections will be held later this year to allow entry into the new group.

Users can select the “All” option to always add to any group without an invitation; the option “My Contacts”, to be added to the groups that created their contacts; or the “Person” option, which means that you cannot be included in any group and that you will receive a nomination when someone wants to add it.

Dark fashion and animated stickers

After the success of the stickers on the messaging platform, WhatsApp should include animated stickers, stickers with movements. It is also expected the appearance of a dark mode with the ability to change the screen colors and save the image on the screen depending on the shades of gray.

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